Healthcare Providers

IHC International Solution for Quality Healthcare in the New Millenium

IHC International understand the challenges facing your facility in the worst nursing shortage since the 1980’s. The demand for nurses is very high and as a result, many medical facilities are forced to use staffing methods that result in:
  • EXCESSIVE CALL OUTS due to job sharing;
  • LEGISLATIVE STAFF MANDATES which results in excessive use of nursing pools to find qualified nurses;
  • RELIANCE ON AGENCY POOLS that results in the lack of continuity of care and accountability; and
  • THE YO-YO EFFECT nurses going from one facility to another, chasing after higher bonuses.

The IHC International Solution

  1. IHC International offers you a catalog of qualified applicants willing to fill permanent nursing positions for a minimum of five years;
  1. You select the nurse that best fits the needs of your facility; and
  1. IHC International will take care of the rest

IHC International Offers Permanent Solutions for Your Staffing Problems

  • Reduce the cost of employing nurses;
  • Nurses will fill permanent positions;
  • Diminish your need to rely on agency pools for permanent staff;
  • Stabilize your nursing pool;
  • Decrease nurse “burn-out”;
  • Maintain high performance level because you have accountability and continuity of care;
  • Highly qualified and experienced nurses;
  • English as a primary language;
  • Reduce the cost of employing nurses;
  • Maintain quality patient care

IHC International will provide substantial savings over your current hiring procedures because we do the work... YOU SAVE!

Immediate savings by hiring experienced nurses at entry level salaries... YOU SAVE!

Long term savings that result from lower starting wages... YOU SAVE!

IHC International guarantees result for your recruitment dollars... YOU SAVE!

We provide a satisfaction guarantee!